10 May 2011


Visual artist Pépé Grégoire has created a number of special monumental photo sculptures in honour of interior and garden designer Marcel Wolterinck's 25-year anniversary. These sculptures will be on show in the Wolterinck Store in Laren from May 12th. Wolterinck, in his turn, will furnish Grégoire's garden and studio with Borek furniture, specially designed for the occasion by Wolterinck himself.
Marcel Wolterinck: ‘I am a great admirer of Pépé Grégoire's work and I was pleasantly surprised by his offer to mount an anniversary exposition for me. We share the point of view that interior design and art should make life more pleasurable. Pépé Grégoire's work fits very well into my own projects. We complement each other.'

Photo Sculptures at Wolterinck's World

Pépé Grégoire's bronze sculptures are already well known. His photo sculptures are a new way of the artist to express himself. Consisting of countless separate fragments of photographs, these three-dimensional sculptures are suited for indoor as well as outdoor display. Pépé Grégoire will specially design a photo sculpture to mark Marcel Wolterinck's 25-year anniversary. A selection of his bronze sculptures will also be on show at Wolterinck's showroom in Laren.

Pépé Grégoire

Pépé Grégoire lives and works in the same North Holland village as Marcel Wolterinck: Laren. He specialises in monumental sculpture.
Monumental sculptures by Grégoire can be found at the Tergooi hospital in Hilversum (titled: "Triade"), on the Jaarbeursplein square in Utrecht ("Démasqué), in Giethoorn ("Fanfare", a sculpture honouring film director Bert Haanstra) and in Laren at the town hall.

Marcel Wolterinck: 25 years of Wolterinck's World
This year, garden and interior designer Marcel Wolterinck celebrates his 25th year in the business. In honour of his anniversary, a book will appear this September that will give an overview of his works of the last 25 years in an spectacular way. In 2003, Wolterinck opened his combined studio and store in Laren. Currently, he works on both small and large projects involving interior, exterior and garden design with help from his team of nearly 20 employees. His style is pure, worldly and tranquil. He considers symmetry and the unity between the interior of a house and its garden to be very important. Numerous residential and garden projects have received the Wolterinck treatment over the years.

This year marks interior and garden designer Marcel Wolterinck's 25th year in the business. He started his career in 1986 as a master flower arranger, eventually branching out into interior design as well as garden and exterior design.
Based at his combined store and studio in Laren, he and a team of professionals work on a variety of residential projects, in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
Marcel Wolterinck: "looking back on my wonderful career, I am filled with pride and energy. I am looking forward to the next 25 years!"
A range of activities have been planned to celebrate the anniversary. Some of these have taken concrete shape, such as the publication of an anniversary book and the exposition of photo sculptures by artist Pépé Grégoire. Several additional activities are still in development.

Anniversary book

In mid-September, a spectacular anniversary book on 25 years of Wolterinck designs will appear. Wolterinck: "It will be a great overview. It will be even better than my previous book, Outside In".
This latter book, which has been widely praised, will take a place of honour at the Bijenkorf department store during book week in March, also in celebration of Wolterinck's anniversary.


From mid-May, impressive monumental photo sculptures by artist and fellow resident of Laren, Pépé Grégoire, will be on show in Wolterinck's store in Laren. Marcel in turn will restyle the artist's garden and studio using Borek furniture of his own design. This exposition will open on May 12th and will run until the end of October.