Wolterinck's World Before

Marcel Wolterinck chose twenty-five projects which have been infuential for the road to Wolterinck's World. The twenty-five projects are clearly described and explained.
The large size and the special luxury box in which the book is packed optimally give justice to the luxurious, understated atmosphere that is so characteristic for the Wolterinck projects.

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Out side In  

Wolterinck OUTsideIN

Wolterinck: Pure, sober and earthy, yet still unprecedentedly stylish and luxurious. This book explains better than any other the link between interior and exterior, featuring exquisite garden designs which harmonise the outdoor and indoor surroundings. The book describes numerous projects both in the Netherlands and abroad, accompanied by wonderful photography by Sigurd Kranendonk.

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Style + Life  

Life + Style

Wolterinck's World Style + Life is a summary in words and pictures of the worlds that owe their existence to the life and work of Marcel Wolterinck. Style primarily showcases his interiors, and Sigurd Kranendonk's sharp eye for photographic detail ensures a flawless array of imagery.

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Ellements Essence  

Elements / Essence

The ‘Wolterinck's World' cassette, with its luxuriously finished cover, contains two audio books which take the listener on a journey through the creative world of Marcel Wolterinck. In the Elements section, a glimpse is given into the design process and the pathway from initial inspiration to final realisation, by means of a number of themes that are a recurring feature of Wolterinck's work. The Essence section contains breathtaking images of the most recent projects both in the Netherlands and abroad. The two parts reflect Wolterinck's timeless yet modern approach to lifestyle and design.

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